Wealthy Dating Sites Catch on With the Times

Wealthy men looking for love are definitely finding a helping hand with provocative new dating sites intended to match successful and financially stable singles with gorgeous suitors. millionaire dating Unlike traditional dating sites, these wealth-based-pairing sites have found a unique niche in the midst of recent economic downturn.

Wealthy singles have always had an edge up with those seeking to climb the social ladder, find a stable partner to raise a family with, and, quite frankly, ensure their financial well-being. It’s no surprise that with the expanding gap between the have’s and the have not’s. With one percent of the world claiming over 50% of the worlds wealth, those who find themselves positioned on the side of the “have’s” have found these intriguing sites as the newest and most effective way to screen their potential partners.

Wealthy Divorcee’s have also seen the value in dating websites that feature their lofty incomes, or savings accounts, as among one of their many peacock feathers. “The site makes it easier for people to portray their ability to provide for a mate, without being overt” – says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of a leading wealthy dating site.

Rich men and women didn’t reach the heights of financial empowerment by being meek, and the profiles on a wealthy dating site show just how direct, yet still tactful, these well-to-do romantics are. One profile stats an annual income of over 3 million dollars a year, while another claims a net worth of over $200,000,000.

Attractive young singles make up the majority of those seeking wealthy mates on these stunning websites, with over 50% of them being under the age of 30, according one wealthy dating website representative. Without the same confidence in the economy as many may have had a decade ago, those who would have been hesitant in finding love based on the criteria of wealth, are becoming more bold.

“Rich men aren’t just able to provide me with things I need, such as my college debt paid and a bright future with the chance of having a nice house, etc, but they’re usually of a certain quality not found elsewhere” -says one young “attractive” member.

The trend began only 2 or so years ago, but since the first sight emerged bringing those seeking millionaires with those seeking young and attractive partners, the once small niche has evolved into a multi-million dollar online dating sub-industry.

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